2011 2012 Buick Rendezvous  

Buick Rendezvous

This new 2011 2012 Buick Rendezvous review details the surefootedness of its available Versatrak all-Rendezvous wheel drive to its amazingly reconfigurable interior, the Rendezvous brings together-for the first time-the best features of an SUV, a luxury sedan, and a minivan. It's a brilliant combination of functionality and performance, and it's capable of meeting the many needs of your diverse lifestyle. Below you'll find a few of the notable innovations that make Rendezvous one of the most versatile vehicles on the road. We also offer information on all of the available 2011 2012 Buick Rendezvous accessories you can find. Enjoy!

At the heart of the new and improved 2011 2012 Buick Rendezvous is a 3400 series V6 engine. The car's Rendezvous suspension system is important, too, and it has been engineered for a superb sedan-like ride and impressive control, boasting all the components necessary to deliver smooth performance under a wide variety of driving conditions. Lastly, the Rendezvous' electronically controlled 4-speed Rendezvous automatic transmission utilizes advanced calibration logic to help ensure smooth, precise shifting. In addition to its proven durability, the transmission also utilizes adaptive learning logic, tailoring it to your driving style for optimum shifting performance, and wowing automotive experts all the while. You certainly have come to the right place for 2011 2012 Buick Rendezvous info. And if these amenities aren't enough, there also are a number of 2011 2012 Rendezvous accessories for you to consider as well.

Inside the car, the luxury and technological innovation doesn't stop:

If all of this isn't enough, the car even offers XM Satellite Radio as well, one of the thing experts point out in almost every Buick Rendezvous review.

More for you to incorporate into your 2011 2012 Buick Rendezvous review - information about other features:

Perhaps the biggest accomplishments documented in this 2011 2012 Buick Rendezvous review are the features in the area of Buick Rendezvous safety. The available Versatrak all-wheel drive system is especially effective in low-traction situations. To contribute to occupant safety, airbags and a steel safety cage structure helps preserve the integrity of the passenger compartment in a collision. The standard Driver Information Center includes tire pressure monitoring, basic trip computer, fuel economy indicator, low fuel level indicator, and Personal Choice programming functions. Lastly, operational while the vehicle is in reverse, the car's ultrasonic Rear Park Assist uses sonar to detect stationary objects within ten inches of the rear Rendezvous bumper. For more information on 2011 2012 Buick Rendezvous safety, or for information on how to find 2011 2012 Buick pictures, please come back soon.

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